Walnut - American Black Walnut is considered the king of furniture woods. The small grain pattern and uniform distribution of dark and light shades produce an outstanding finished piece. A saw is required for cutting. 

Mahogany - Mahogany is the premier woodworking material. Its beautiful, exotic look make it a unique material for any woodworking project. A saw is required for cutting.

Cherry - Pennsylvania hard Cheery features a tight, attractive grain pattern, making it an ideal surface for many woodworking projects. A saw is required for cutting. 

Yellow Heart - A tight pore. Straight grain hardwood from Brazil that is easy to work.

Purple Heart - A straight grain hardwood from South and Central America.

Jatoba - Also known as Brazilian Cherry, but not related to Cherry. A hardwood from South America.

Zebra Wood - A heavy hardwood from Central and South America. Has a course texture with an interlocking grain.